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Marla is an esteemed performing artist with advanced degrees from Indiana University School of Music and the Philadelphia Academy of Vocal Arts. In her professional capacity, she serves as an Adjunct Professor at Sacred Heart University, where she teaches Critical Thinking. Marla is also an ESL Adjunct Instructor at Norwalk Community College, specializing in Integrated Skills.

With a dynamic blend of performance artistry and academic insight, Marla has been a cornerstone of community engagement through her position as the President of the Jimmy McDaniels Foundation since its inception. Her initiatives in establishing scholarships at Butler University and Miles College exemplify her commitment to educational enrichment and cultural exchange.

Marla's leadership has also initiated fruitful collaborations with Music @ Miles, alongside the National Association for Music Educators' collegiate members, enhancing the educational landscape for music students. The foundation's sponsorship of the inaugural Jazz Weekend Residency with Jazz @ Miles in fall 2015 marked a celebrated addition to their program. Under her stewardship, scholarships have been tailored to empower instrumental students to pursue study abroad experiences, thereby broadening their academic and cultural horizons.

Her passion for nurturing talent extends to language education, where her dedication to English learners is as profound as to her music students. Marla's influence, extending from the concert hall to the classroom, continues to shape the trajectories of those she teaches.



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