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Peter Shaker (shă-KIR) is a State of Conn. certified educator in multiple subject areas, including Language Arts, Social Studies, and English as a second language. He holds a BA degree in communication, supplemented by minors in political science and journalism, and Peter earned a Master's degree in education. Recognizing the invaluable impact of nonprofits on individuals, Peter has engaged with several organizations, including Kiwanis Club, Special Olympics International, the Jane Goodall Institute, AFS Intercultural Programs, and Connecticut Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. During his two-year service in the Peace Corps, Peter played a key role in Thailand by teaching English and providing essential training to Thai teachers of English. In addition to exploring Thailand, his adventures have led him to diverse destinations including Malaysia, Japan, Egypt, Canada, Hawaii, and throughout the continental United States.

In Connecticut and New York, Peter’s higher education teaching portfolio includes Critical Thinking, Academic Writing, and ESL. Currently, he serves as an academic support consultant for Sacred Heart University’s Center for Teaching & Learning in these areas: Philosophy and Religious Studies, Critical Thinking, Political Science, Global Affairs, and Writing. Peter's profound understanding of the challenges faced by English learners fueled his commitment to making a difference. Consequently, he and his educator colleagues founded English Learner Support Services in 2016 to assist immigrant youth in acquiring language skills, empowering them to excel academically, and secure gainful employment.

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