Peter is a Connecticut-certified teacher in various subject areas, including Language Arts, Social Studies, and English as a second language. He holds a B.A. degree in communication and earned a Master's degree in education. Recognizing that nonprofits perform an essential role in improving people’s lives and making societies stronger, Peter has been involved with several organizations, including Kiwanis Club, Special Olympics International, the Jane Goodall Institute, AFS Intercultural Programs, and Connecticut Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. While serving in the Peace Corps, Peter taught English in Thailand and trained Thai English teachers. He also studied the Thai language. Besides devoting his time to education, Peter enjoys the outdoors, especially bicycling.

As a college and university instructor, Peter has taught English department courses, academic writing, and ESL classes. Currently, he teaches Critical Thinking courses at Sacred Heart University and College Writing at Manhattanville College. Through working with diverse student populations, Peter is cognizant of the barriers that English learners face in the U.S. educational system. He and other educators founded English Learner Support Services to assist these students in overcoming the challenges of learning a new language.